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Hi and welcome to my writer site. I’m a published author of science themed historic fantasy fiction and a book designer. This is the right place if you are trying to find out more about me, what I write and why. You can peruse my blogs, browse my novels, read extracts and I will be adding further media content to engage with over time. For me though, creating a book is much more than just doing the research and writing, but a real focal point for all the other work I do too, including cover and interior design, editing, typography and formatting which will also be featured here. Although I create all types of eBooks and appreciate their positive attributes, my heart still fundamentally lies with paper. I love print, the smell, feel and long history, going way back into antiquity when books were individually handwritten before Gutenberg invented his printing press in the fifteenth century and changed the world forever. There is nothing better than browsing around an old bookshop and savouring the holding of a nineteenth century, red leather bound antiquarian book printed in original Caslon type. In fact my site will be a continuing experiment in ideas and design and will occasionally change, perhaps radically, not only with new content, but with features, themes, colours and layouts as I play around with different appearances and interesting approaches.

I am looking forward to knowing what you think and would love to hear from you. Also I tweet regularly on interesting book and publishing issues through my creativepubtalk feed so feel free to follow me and also join my LinkedIn network of writers and publishers. Enjoy and have fun!

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Rhapsody of Moon – Jupiter fights back?

  You may notice a change of theme from last time, having adopted a distinctly sci-fi look to this post’s appearance. This is in recognition of my seventh publication, the novel Rhapsody of Moon Available in all online bookstores, in eBook and print, tapping Jupiter above will take you there. For followers of the popular Rhapsody …

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Morag, Book 3 of the Mauveine Series, now published

McKenzie family records of the early nineteenth century have strangely gone missing, triggering concern, but scientist Victoria McKenzie and friend Abby are too preoccupied with a forthcoming break to Harvard University on a cruise ship. Onboard, circumstances in the Atlantic become terrifyingly scary and they find themselves facing the consequences of the ignored warning but …

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