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Jul 05

Rhapsody of Moon – Jupiter fights back?

  You may notice a change of theme from last time, having adopted a distinctly sci-fi look to this post’s appearance. This is in recognition of my seventh publication, the novel Rhapsody of Moon Available in all online bookstores, in eBook and print, tapping Jupiter above will take you there. For followers of the popular Rhapsody …

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Nov 15

Prism of Purpurine – my NaNoWriMo ghost sequel to Mauveine hits 50K today

Emerged again from the Nano dungeon this morning and just hit the required 50K, mid-month. Got the rump of the story laid out fast, up to the finale countdown, so I’m done now with the word-count pressure, last quill down to a smoking stump. Although I must admit, my new friend down there, Pepys, is still …

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Sep 08

Rhapsody of Succession is published and available

Finally, after doing a lot more research than I anticipated, I’ve completed Rhapsody of Succession, the fourth book of the Rhapsody series, continuing the global adventures and romantic journey of nuclear scientist and Cassini CEO, Professor Lauren Hind. This one is a hoot, all the usual Rhapsody characters and suspects are back in humorous and …

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Sep 23

A warm welcome to my discussion page

Hi and welcome to Roy Baldwin’s author page where you will find regular commentary on my books and writing, as well as hints and tips on all aspects of digital publishing. I intend to provide interesting and ongoing topics for discussion which not only relate to issues close to my writing heart and which connect …

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