Sep 08

What happened to Mauveine?

I must admit. I hadn’t realised how quickly time has been passing by in blog nano-months, when it suddenly dawned on me that since my last post, NaNoWriMo2014 will soon be upon all of us writers again in a few months time, so apologies for the long, protracted silence.

But I have been hugely busy scribing and making books since the 2013 Namo race to fame. No wonder it’s taken me so long, really must update the technology – a printing press might be a good idea.

Escribano Scribe

The good news, apart from ageing 100 years, was I did succeed in writing, editing, book designing and publishing Mauveine in the 30 days of last November and it has continued to sell well and entrance readers with its ghostly humorous tale ever since. Declared a winner, I got a great tee-shirt and access to a host of big discounted deals including books and software. Well worth the effort. Writers and would-be writers take note – your turn this year.

You may also have noticed that I have given this website a bit of a sprucing over, with a new Graphene theme (it had to have a science implication) and more information on all the books I have written, including a detailed section on the background of Mauveine and what inspired the idea of the novel and the research and character backgrounds, undertaken at a rapid pace during the last Nano month. You can find all this via the ‘Books’ and the ‘Creative’ menu tag and all the new submenus. This includes a summary of my new range of pre-publication services I am offering all indie writers, self and small publishers, in book formatting, typography, and cover design, whether you want an eBook sorted out or a print publication, black and white and colour.

Peruse, indulge and have fun:

In the meantime, it’s time to start pondering what to do for NaNoWriMo 2014. Lots of readers have been asking for a follow up to Mauveine – so it looks like that may well be dominating the focus of thought … watch this space!