Nov 15

Prism of Purpurine – my NaNoWriMo ghost sequel to Mauveine hits 50K today

Emerged again from the Nano dungeon this morning and just hit the required 50K, mid-month. Got the rump of the story laid out fast, up to the finale countdown, so I’m done now with the word-count pressure, last quill down to a smoking stump. Although I must admit, my new friend down there, Pepys, is still well ahead with his Nano-diaries. Set in the mid 1660’s, then forward to 2025, Prism of Purpurine takes the story of Mauveine onwards as friends Victoria, Julian, Abby and Lynton find that their nicely settled lives turn into a second nightmare once more, the demons having not quite gone away as believed.

Next step for the second half of November, but at a more thoughtful pace, is some creative wordsmithing, start of first editing of some previous chapters beyond the red Word typos and filling in of gaps, even new chapters where I ploughed on past. I’ve got Prism of Purpurine set in three timelines which provide good scope for the story, but can’t Google the year 2025 for research so had to fire up the imagination much more! I’m aiming to come in at the end of the month with a finished story, enough to make a nice paperback as well as the usual eBook versions. You can see my first cover design above. Some things I did for Nano this year, which hopefully may help keep the momentum up for everyone reading this are:

  • If you’re a panster like me, or stuck and wandering, and haven’t done a plot outline yet, it will help to unblock. I started with 4 sides of A4 in short paras mapped out through the three plotline phases. Helps enormously but be prepared to deviate sensibly as the characters take control.
  • Set a daily average target, which is good for you, allowing for some days when life takes over, and head for it, aiming to write something each day come what may, keeps morale going. I aimed for 3K a day and managed more or less in around 4 hours, sometimes in one go, usually in chunks of time with long breaks in between. Managed 7K one day, really fired up, but felt really rough the next and then did less than 1K, not recommended to overdo it, stay steady.
  • Don’t semi-edit/revise, para, by para and over-cogitate – leave it then you’ll head to the final count quicker. I do correct the red typos immediately and anything sentence-silly on a page but keep on going. Finally Self-Editing for Fiction Writers – Browne & King, I really recommend when you’re ready to start that part.

I’m aiming to publish Prism of Purpurine before Xmas so everyone can see how it went. Good luck if you’re scribbling hard too, with completing your novel project  for NaNoWriMo 2014