Jan 28

Prism of Purpurine is about to be published

Although I planned to publish Prism of Purpurine, my ghost story sequel to Mauveine by Christmas, I ended up having a lot more work to do with editing and reshaping the story, following invaluable feedback from my beta-readers. Inevitable this has been my focus during this month of January, but I’m pleased to say, I’m now there. Final edits are now completed and I just need to polish up the typography and should have the book published in the next ten days, initially as an eBook available through the usual online retailers and direct from the Creative Gateway book store. A print version will follow very soon. A new cover has been designed – hope you like it.


For writers, a useful editing technique which I find invaluable is to review your draft on your laptop and then do the same on a Kindle and on an ePub version – I enjoy editing on my Kindle Fire and Nook. Devices render your text in different ways and your eye readjusts and finds new errors you missed previously! As good as the old stalwart of reading out aloud. Next update with be details of availability when Prism of Purpurine is for sale.