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Rhapsody of Restraint

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Description: Professor Lauren Hind is a scientist who appears to have it all. Global recognition for her nuclear energy work, a doting designer husband who she loves and a mega salary in a large corporate so she can indulge in her joint passions of haute couture and mathematics. After leading a prestigious research conference, she unexpectedly meets up with the mysterious and beguiling Luis who lures her into a culture she had not experienced. Fuelled by drink and intrigue, a train of events takes off and Lauren finds herself desperately buffeted by a seemingly irresolvable kaleidoscope of emotional and confused outcomes, which threaten to violently overturn her well-structured lifestyle and relationship bearings. Trying hard to salvage her way out of the mess she has created and save her marriage, new and interrelated twists and turns throw her into further turmoil, entanglements and more betrayal as she is forced to question everything she has stood for and make fundamental choices. But someone else turns up who has the capability, passion and desire to take from Lauren whatever she wants. Lauren needs to find the will and strength to confront this additional adversity and resolve her own complicated needs – but can she overcome the temptations …?

RHAPSODY OF RESTRAINT is the first book of the Rhapsody series which follows the intriguing scientific and emotional destiny of Lauren Hind. “Where romance and adventure meets nuclear fusion!”

A piece from Rhapsody of Restraint …she sauntered to the table already occupied by around a dozen other Sicilian men, some similar in age to Luis but many others younger. As they surrounded her, she sat down deciding not to take off her jacket immediately but flaunt her new outfit a little longer. They were dressed smartly, like they were all part of a group and were engaged in what appeared to be quite intense discussion on some hot topic or other in Italian.

“May I please ask your name?” He grinned warmly towards her. “We think you are the most interesting and desirable person to have crossed past our table tonight … well so far anyway! It is nice to meet again in much more pleasant circumstances.”

“I’m sorry?” Then she looked again and that minute before of déjà vu was confirmed with a jolt, the colour draining from her cheeks as her mouth dropped. He laughed vigorously at her seeming discomfort.

“Let’s say my near decapitated legs in the airport are now fully recovered. Don’t worry. I could see you were somewhat preoccupied then. Now tell us about yourself. I hope you’re happy that we speak in English. I sense somehow that your Italian is less well developed.”

“Gosh … Yes thank you, please continue in English that’s fine. I don’t know what to say except to apologise profusely. It was rude and unacceptable of me to react that way when I had just arrived and …”

He interrupted her gently. “My response back to you was not exactly civil either, so let’s call it quits. No harm done and anyway I admire assertiveness in a woman and you certainly appear to have that in spades, as they say!”

Lauren, although embarrassed and somewhat taken aback with his immediate forwardness, nevertheless returned the smile and replied warmly, her composure returning quickly as she surveyed all the inquisitive faces.

“Hello everyone, I’m Lauren. I’ve been staying in the hotel over the last couple of days with the conference which has now ended. We’ve been doing some international exchange work in sustainable nuclear energy, networking, new developments all that sort of thing,” she said clearly and deliberately.

She could hear herself sounding unnecessarily formal and not really knowing why she was speaking so wooden, when everyone around was being quite casual and laid back.  She felt displaced with her thoughts, and especially with Luis who was deceptively and deliberately disarming her normal flow of reaction when meeting new people …