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Rhapsody of Power

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Nuclear scientist Lauren Hind returns to Brussels to find her company, Cassini Power, riven by upheaval and turmoil and her Director role threatened. Confident in her adaptability and desperately needing a change of direction, she decides to face down her antagonistic Chairman, whilst seeking solace in a splurge of fashionable indulgence in advance of her expected big payoff. Appearances however can be deceptive and out of the blue an unexpected turn of events shakes up her perception and sets her off on a new path towards career possibilities and a world stage she could only previously have dreamed about. But threats and a puzzling technical dilemma shake her out of any cosy feelings of finally being in control of her life because she has to decide where her loyalties lie, and confront once again who she really is and her true feelings. Aspects of her recent past have not quite gone away as she had hoped and expected. A looming catastrophe, with enormous consequences for Europe and the rest of the world reveals the true extent of her capability to deal with serious dangers. To add to her confused feelings and foreboding, her Chairman is at the centre of the murky wheeling and dealing and she is summoned to engage in an adventure which could lead to her death and destruction. She badly needs help and there is only one person to turn to again – who could annihilate her in a moment. Can she let this happen or are the consequences and payback already drawn in the sand? And there is still her Chairman …

RHAPSODY OF POWER is the second book of the Rhapsody series following the science adventures and romantic escapades of Professor Lauren Hind

A piece from Rhapsody of PowerLauren saw immediately that Amélie was massively irritated and annoyed by what had been said in the first five minutes. “Honestly Amélie, I have not got a clue what all this attention is about. Listen, you can bank on me, once we get into the meeting, to step swiftly into the background, I’ll back you up at every turn and when the time is correct follow your lead into what Cassini can do on fast plutonium reactors. And then let’s sew up whatever deal we can muster; first and foremost to benefit you, remember just like we did in the old days? Anyway you look stunningly immaculate as ever, whilst I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards after that damned gust of wind outside. Have you got a decent hair brush?”

The tension in Amélie’s face dissipated as she dug into her handbag. “I’m sorry Lauren for snapping. This deal is actually potentially more important to me than maybe I let on. Things have become a bit tricky back at the ranch, you know what I mean?”

Lauren patted her arm affectionately. “Of course, fully understood, you can tell me later. Hey, what are friends for. Now, let’s get in there and give them the old one-two sales patter. I just hope my Chairman isn’t there, I really do.”

They strode out and over to reception where a smiling Valerie whisked them off to the lift and up to the fourth floor. As they stepped out into the executive corridor, an amazing view of the sea and the coast hit their senses, an immediate impact from the unusual design of the building, built like a glass atrium with a steep vertical wall immediately beneath going directly into the sea.

In a few seconds they entered the Board room to be greeted by a sea of male faces stood around the large buffet table, beautifully set out with an array of hot and cold food, salads, vegetables and sandwiches. Amélie immediately took a glass of white wine off the waiter near the entrance, with Lauren in close pursuit of the red, when a deep, clearly very English accented voice, familiar but unfamiliar, spoke out softly from behind.

“Ahh … so you must be Professor Lauren Hind. I have waited quite a long time to meet you.” Lauren turned around and her face dropped as she found herself shaking hands — with the UK Prime Minister …