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Rhapsody of Fate


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A fun holiday in Rome beckons for scientist and Cassini CEO Lauren Hind to forget the recent nuclear debacle in Sicily. Looking forward to a new relationship with Philippe, her Chairman, her business and personal life should at last become rosy and settled. One revelation changes everything, discovering her lost adopted daughter, Charlotte and new family. But will this upheaval be a force for good or an uncontrollable disruption in her life?

She must find out, confront the mistakes and reconcile her feelings and admit who she really loves. But unexpectedly, in China, the marital happiness she had sought and won is violently disrupted leading to unwanted challenges and distractions. She is forced to seriously question Amélie, her best friend, who she had always understood and trusted.

Something oddly sinister unfolds leading to a set of destabilising coincidences and finally a kidnapping which even her worst nightmares couldn’t have predicted. Never before have her technical skills and resourcefulness been tested so much. Could there be a man even more evil than Luis, capable of lacerating her emotions and loyalties at a stroke? And why does she have to travel to the Arctic to find out? Many may die, the dice is thrown and she must finally make the ultimate choice and decide one way or the other.

But which way does she turn? And who really loves her enough to pull her away from the deadly consequences?

RHAPSODY OF FATE is the third book of the Rhapsody series, continuing the science adventures and romantic journey of Professor Lauren Hind

Piece from Rhapsody of Fate: She marched in, greeted as usual by Giselle, Cassini security manager, and headed up to her new office. In fact it was still her old office, but she had asked Eva, a month ago, to completely redecorate and refurbish it in something different, feeling a quiet compulsion to get rid of the legacy design which her ex-husband had created for her in their better days. Eva had also got drawn up plans to double the area and change the layout of her and Helena’s working space by absorbing in the old office of former CEO Eddy, prior to his being marched out with implements in hand and secretary girlfriend in tow. She liked Eva’s idea and approved all the plans — eliminate the dead wood in one go, although perhaps that was a bit too harsh for her ex-husband. It wasn’t all bad all of the time …

“Coffee Lauren? Gosh I do like your hair; I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so blonde before.”

“Thanks Eva. All that Italian sun has bleached out the highlights, but actually I rather like it now this colour.”

“I’ve already sorted out the Exec agenda you emailed last night and I will complete each item this morning with a briefing paper. Now with regard to meetings, there have been some necessary changes to your diary whilst …”

Lauren interrupted her. “Eva, never mind diaries for now. I can see Helena coming in through the front door. I want to discuss something … err … very significant … with both of you first. Can you get Helena a coffee too, and let’s go into my office.”

Eva looked up, her mouth drawn into a small smile and with that coquettish look, Lauren mused, she always has when she thinks she knows already what they will discuss — but even Eva’s formidable foresight won’t have this particular topic on her radar …

It took a good fifteen minutes before the giggling and excitement finally calmed down. Thank goodness, Lauren thought, nobody else was in this area of the building yet. But she was pleased that Eva and Helena obviously approved and they too were pleased that Svet was very happy about the engagement and wedding plans.

“I did tell you Lauren that the Chairman might have a soft spot for you, that day they appointed you Chief Executive and you wouldn’t believe me,” Eva cried, twiddling her hair nonchalantly between her fingers.

“Alright Eva, on this one and only occasion you may have been correct. Anyway, I wanted to tell you both first. We have other plans as well for the company and all of this will be released soon to the entire staff, after discussion this afternoon with the Executive. Obviously there will also be a press announcement once we have got our public relations ducks well and truly in a row. I need to see Herman first at nine thirty sharp, so can you text him now please. All to remain highly confidential for now.”

As Eva tapped furiously into her business mobile, Helena looked up. “The builders will be in next week to complete the office refurbishment … err … do you and Philippe now want to … well have two desks in your new office?”

“You must be joking Helena, the last thing I want is him around my feet all day!”

They all roared with laughter as Eva poured out some more coffee. “No, the original proposed conversion of the large broom cupboard at the end into a small office for Philippe when he comes back can go ahead. He is rarely in anyway and I don’t expect that to change … and Helena you remain as his personal assistant exactly as before … no changes. Is that acceptable? And I want you each to receive a twenty percent rise in salary as you are both going to have many more responsibilities. And finally, I would like to appoint a new marketing communications assistant to act as a bridge between me and Johann, our very capable Marketing Director, but he or she will work to you Eva.”

“I’m onto it Lauren, actually Helena and I may be able to recommend someone quite suitable.” She looked over to Helena who mouthed back Florence quizzically, to which Eva nodded.

“I’ll leave that to your judgement Eva. Now let’s get going. I need to digest these papers and make some phone calls. I’ll just pop into your office and check diaries in a minute.”

As Eva and Helena returned to their offices in intense conversation, Lauren sat down to draw breath, her heart still pounding. Well that wasn’t so bad, she thought, then realised that she must not forget Amélie again either. She picked up her desk diary and wandered into Eva’s office.

“Before I forget, Amélie did finally phone me and we had a really good catch up. Can you try and arrange an appointment with Imke Klutz at the Elysee next week, but not Monday. I want Amélie to come with me — you’ve got her mobile number of course.”

“You mean the First Lady?” Eva cocked her head to one side, smiling. “And what should I say the purpose of the meeting will be?”

“Just say it’s personal. And you can stop smirking.”

“Mmm … I think I know what it might be …”

“You have no idea Eva … Okay?” Lauren replied grinning.

“Yes, understood.”