Book Creation: In addition to being an author of science themed historic fantasy fiction, Roy Baldwin can provide pre-publication internal and cover book design services to indie writers and authors for independent publishing of both print-on demand paperbacks or Kindle eBook.


Special Deal – all the book services apart from website design as below for one composite fixed price of £250 plus the cost of royalty free images supplied at £15 each. Click the hot news button for more. What could be simpler for any budding writer to get their content out to readers.


Kindle:  A Microsoft Word manuscript, already edited and proofed, will be formatted, typeset and then converted into a suitable book format for Amazon Kindle. This will include proof reading within the internal book creation job process in order to ensure as professional a finished product as possible. The content files will then be ready to upload and submit to an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing online account with accompanying metadata. Advice to set up the account will be provided so that all subsequent sales and profits come direct to the writer. No ISBN number for Amazon Kindle books is required as Amazon allocates its own identification number to your book. A suitable front cover will also need to be uploaded before the book is accepted for sale.

Print: Taking the newly formatted Kindle manuscript, this will be redesigned for print, to any suitable or requested size and the finished product will be converted into a commercial print publishing PdF content file. Writers can choose from a range of fonts, size layouts, styles, drop caps etc. The completed PdF file can then be submitted for printing to an Amazon CreateSpace account with accompanying metadata. A required ISBN for print books can be supplied free by CreateSpace who become the formal named publisher. Advice will be given to set up the CreateSpace account so that all subsequent sales and profits come direct to the writer. A suitable completed back, spine and front cover will also need to be uploaded before the book is accepted for sale.

The print and Kindle services apply to any black and white books, fiction and non-fiction, with colour covers and a limited number of interior black and white images up to 100,000 words. I can successfully undertaken typesetting and interior design for colour books with images, for both print on demand and Kindle eBooks as well as hardbacks. This is more demanding and will require detailed individual online liaison on the type of book and the specific content first before agreeing a bespoke price.

Example below of a typeset black and white 5” X 8” fiction book, done to CreateSpace and Ingram specifications with chapter pages, done in a favourite font, Minion Pro at 11 pt. size which is a very readable and clear serif typeface with 14 pt. leading (spacing) and drop caps on the first letter of first chapter line. Also matches well with Myriad Pro, a sans serif font, for headings. Mirrored name and title and page numbers all easily added as headers or footers


Cover Design:

Apart from interior typography, a separate book cover will be designed, suitable for use as an eBook cover, to accompany a completed content file for submission to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. In addition, this will be extended, to become a full back page, spine and front page cover for your printed paperback book. Covers are designed to meet the print specifications of both Amazon CreateSpace and Ingram Lightning Source. Images, if not supplied by the writer can be chosen from a selection and obtained copyright secure and royalty free from reliable stock photo sources only, or individually commissioned illustrations could be created.

Print paperback covers are supplied in commercial PdF file format using a CMYK colour scheme and the Kindle front cover supplied ready to use in JPEG file format using the same colour scheme as the print cover so they match on the Amazon site.

Vengeance Book Cover Web

Example of a full print cover, designed to both Lightning Source and CreateSpace specifications of a 5”X8” fictional paperback complete with ISBN barcode

Writer Website:

A basic writer website with up to half a dozen menus and related pages can be produced from supplied images and text. This would include home, about, books and contact pages. The finished product will be a folder of HTML files suitable for simple FTP uploading to a hosted server account of the writer, using transfer software like FileZilla. These files are not appropriate for a content management and blogging system such as WordPress. Initial advice can be provided to writers if they wish to alternatively set up their own WordPress site.

Example of a designed page from the Creative Gateway website with fully customisable menu, built-in Twitter feed, updating on the most recent four posts and social media link buttons in the footer.

Website1 webWebsite2 web

Contact and Communications: Return to the menu and use contact or for more information. All communications are done online by email and payments made securely via PayPal, usually 50% up front and the rest on satisfactory completion.

Other Services:

Advice and recommendations of suitable expertise through my extensive indie book and publishing network can be offered if writers require developmental editing, copy editing, final proofing or Beta reader services. I don’t provide those services, only design and typography. The same applies for book and social media marketing, book reviews, creative writing and other writer support requirements. I regularly send out interesting posts on books and publishing through Twitter. I can also provide more extensive consultancy on all aspects of book creation and self or indie publishing over Skype, pre-payment by the hour.

All my published books, following final manuscript editing, are creatively typeset, designed and produced by me and then digitally published for sale on Amazon, alongside the design and upkeep of my creativepubtalk writer website, using hosted WordPress with a Graphene theme and the Creative Gateway book design services traditional style website. Work will be undertaken to the same standard and care as my own books and sites. I am continually improving, networking and trying out new creative ideas and methods for book creation, and indies will benefit from this on an ongoing basis.
Details of a selection of books created by me can be clicked on via the ‘Others’ submenu in Creative on the site menu bar

Why wait any longer?  I look forward to hearing from you!

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