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Rhapsody of Moon

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Description: With baby triplets Magda, Eve and Geri, nuclear scientist Lauren Hind achieves her idyllic dream life on the Côte d’Azur with husband Philippe, finally released from a Russian prison. But she remains restless to return from maternity leave to the excitement of her company, Cassini, when a daunting series of complications and tension creep into her daily routine involving elder daughter Charlotte, struggling with her own new baby, and best friend Amélie. Philippe’s new political interests create unwanted problems of old, raising serious doubts about his true intentions. A long anticipated family maiden voyage, in son-in-law DG’s new super-yacht, turns into an unforeseen catastrophe, bringing Lauren’s doubts and uncertainties together with a dramatic climax.
Seven years on and Lauren’s life is transformed, having gained a renewed level of independence alongside her three girls. News of the death of a close friend and mentor throws her into a long needed reconciliation when she realises she may be falling in love again. She travels to the US to reflect on her feelings and celebrate the marriage of step-daughter Svet. However, Svet discloses a strange series of research results involving infrared pulses from the depths of the Milky Way, recorded secretly during her astrobiology work at Harvard. Lauren’s visit becomes an unexpected fun reunion of five female physicists, eager to jointly solve Svet’s unusual problem. But their conclusions become too close to the real causal truth and inexplicable happenings outside of their control suddenly unfold, leading to a devastating out of this world experience which will disrupt and permanently change all their lives forever.
RHAPSODY OF MOON is the fifth book of the Rhapsody Series, continuing a blistering pace of science and romance adventures for Professor Lauren Hind.

A piece from Rhapsody of Moon: “Here, give me that lipstick quickly, I need a refresh already,” Lauren whispered, also watching the motor launch approach with Amélie. “What did you actually say to Giles about Charlotte?”
“Nothing at all in the end. I only mentioned to Charlotte I might have some ideas concerning her manager problem. Giles had asked Rufus and me a while back about having the equivalent of a ‘gap year’ and to learn some new land management skills abroad if he could fix something up. He was willing to take a year off without pay, but once Rufus had quietly identified and was satisfied of a potential temporary successor, basically Giles’s deputy, we agreed to pay his secondment anyway as if it were a full time course. Then interestingly, Charlotte reveals her vineyard and olive grove purchase and there you have it … an ideal match and everybody wins. Giles doesn’t know all this; I thought we’d surprise him here.”
“What if Giles takes the job but doesn’t want to come back?”
“You know the code Lauren that we’ve both adhered to throughout our careers. Someone may be desirable but is never indispensable. She looked at Lauren all over and grinned. “Even Giles.”
“Don’t you dare go there Amélie, case closed, agreed?” Lauren replied sharply, not wishing to be reminded yet again of her faux pas.
“Of course,” Amélie replied, amused with Lauren’s serious expression and kissing her on the cheek. “Your secret remains safe and sound with me,” she whispered, mischievously.
“That’s what worries me?” Lauren countered, finally breaking out in a wide grin deciding that what’s done is done, so what the hell. “I vaguely mentioned Giles to Charlotte but she immediately inferred that he was a retired pensioner, you want to get shut of. Giles knows I have a daughter but assumed she was at school. He obviously has no idea of my age.”
“Well there you go cougar.”
Lauren glared mildly. “Actually, how old is Giles?”
“You really want to know?”
“Yes, of course I do.”
“Well … he’s in his twenty-ninth year, almost the same as Charlotte. I assume from your face you thought he was somewhat older. I agree, he does have a rather more mature and experienced disposition with all that manly confidence and literary bushy beard, helpful sometimes.” She burst out laughing again. “Sorry Lauren, honestly that’s it, I promise. No more. Anyway the boat’s coming in, I assume for us. We’ll know very shortly what he thinks of Charlotte. Come on cheer up, it’s a bit of a laugh now. You’ve sold your wild oats, satiated your curiosities and got over it. Now we move to phase two. I’m just going to grab the triplet buggy, you take the other two.”
Lauren nodded. But inside her mind, those over-active neurons were once more running hell for leather through all kinds of illogical and heretical things. What if the jealously Venn diagrams did intersect? Emotional arrogance and waving her independence card were all well and good, but she knew she had gone way too far in a lapse of madness … whatever.