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Description: McKenzie family records of the early nineteenth century have strangely gone missing, triggering concern, but scientist Victoria McKenzie and best friend Abby are too preoccupied with a forthcoming break to Harvard University, sailing across the Atlantic on a cruise ship. Onboard, circumstances become terrifyingly scary and they find themselves facing the consequences of the ignored warning but in a manner, that distorts their imagination far beyond anything possible. Forced to accept the challenge presented … they must change the course of McKenzie history or face their own fate … of never being born in the first place.
The terror is over in 2026 but in 1841 their family is in turmoil. If their worlds meet oblivion beckons

A piece from Morag: Abby glanced at Maddie to her left. Victoria stared at both intensely, remaining very curious as to what would be revealed. Belle was equally bewildered, realising that her sister was privy to something special nobody else shared. Quickly, Abby outlined the identity and the contents of the explosive seventeenth century library letters she and Maddie had found, which proved that Abby was a descendent of Lady Katherine Warren, James McKenzie’s second wife and half-sister of his first wife, Lady Bella. Both women had been illegitimate but well-loved offspring of King Charles the Second. Maddie then took over and went on to explain her own research which finally provided an explanation of the two lines of the family; the scientists like Victoria and the artists like Abby.
“So,” Maddie added, her face beaming with satisfaction that at last their secret was shared. “Abby really is part of our family in every way, continuing the artistic talent along the lines of Mauveine’s sister, Lydia, and of course Great-Aunt Eveline.”
There was a stunned silence for half a minute before Ned chimed up. “Wow, I’ve gotta say, not one but three super-cool dudes to celebrate—Mum, Mauveine and Abby,” undoing the final wire around the cork that flew off immediately with a loud bang, setting off Jeb and Kai again. He filled the glasses quickly. Lynton immediately stood up and gave Abby a giant kiss whilst Julian, stunned but ecstatic, ran around the table to hug her hard. Belle was very pleased as she chatted with Dottie and Nancy excitedly and then to Maddie congratulating her on the detective work. Abby glanced at Victoria who did not appear unhappy but decidedly subdued, pondering silently on her own until Zac and Ade brought her out of her deep thoughts with big hugs and more words of congratulation.
Julian called for attention. “Grab your glasses and let’s toast three beautiful, successful and talented family pioneers and welcome Lady Abigail Warren formally into the fold at the same time. Me? I’m just the lowly jack of all trades and master of none, a Fazackerley turned Endersby-Finnis to the core.”