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Flight for Fenella

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Description: Flight for Fenella is the fourth book of the Mauveine Series when an unexpected knock at the door of family home Orsbrick Hall heralds the arrival of a most peculiar visitor. Slowly but surely this disturbing event triggers a cascade of frightening family crises which scientist Victoria McKenzie and her twin daughters Maddie and Belle could not have imagined possible. The turmoil from the past was supposed to be over but Victoria and her best friend Abby discover, too late, that it isn’t.

A piece from Flight for Fenella: Quietness had spread like no other. A silence, pervasive as the greatest depth of outer space, filled the air with Victoria’s sudden clipped announcement of ‘welcome to the McKenzie family.’ Abby, stunned and shaking from the discovery that before them was one Lady Fenella Kirkby, calculated the ancestry tally in complete disbelief. A tall, pretty twenty-four-year-old, Fenella’s luscious mane of black curls were parted neatly in the middle and her long and billowing, yellow muslin skirt exhibited a picture of total incongruity as she stared upwards at the ceiling, mystified and frightened with what Victoria had announced. Such a thing was simply not conceivable. How could the date be so far ahead? But when Fenella looked around the room, especially at Madeleine and Belle who were smiling back in as friendly a manner as they could muster, understanding exactly what Fenella must be experiencing, all she could feel was abject panic. Her cheeks reddened alarmingly and her breath quickened. A jolt of adrenaline hit, causing beads of sweat to loom large across her forehead.
Abby topped up Fenella’s brandy then swigged the rest of her own glass down in one gulp followed by another top up. But Fenella had gone inert as if her brain was dead and her limbs paralysed. Maddie sat next to Fenella and held her hand gently whilst they waited. They could plainly see her working through the immensity of what she had just been told, that today was not April 20th, 1865, like it was before she had gone dizzy waiting on the lawns of Orsbrick Hall for her grandfather to come out, but she had woken up on April 20th, 2026, one hundred and sixty-one years into the future. There was only one explanation. She had died from apoplexy like her aunt and this is what happened when you die, but these people had no wings.